meyers fall gun auction 2019

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9 November, 2019 9:00 am

Meyers Fall Gun Auction
9 am Sat Nov 9, 2019
Arden, MB
Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns
Lg Amount of Ammo
Hunting Supplies
To Consign Call Brad At 204-476-6262
Bradley Meyers, Auctioneer
October 24 — will be adding long gun listing and pictures over the next few days.  Starting to work on the ammunition next week.  

A… RESTRICTED… Luger P08 1939 Mauser S / 42 semi automatic 9 mm calibre barrel length 150 mm gun and clip serial numbers match

B… PROHIBITED… Luger P08 1937 Mauser S/ 42 semi automatic 9 mm barrel length 98 mm serial numbers on gun and clip match

C… RESTRICTED… vostok m4m 22 calibre semi automatic pistol

D… RESTRICTED… Browning arms 22 calibre semi-auto target pistol made in Belgium


F… PROHIB… Smith & Wesson model 18 revolver 22 calibre barrel length 100 m m

G… PROHIB… Lugar P08 1939 S/42 semi auto 9mm barrel length 98 mm gun and clip serial numbers do not match comes with holster

H… RESTRIC… P. Bondini .44 cal cap & ball 432mm barrel

I… RESTRIC…Erma model EP 22 semi auto .22 cal pistol made in Germany.  initials MB carved in grip.

J… Winchester model 94 commemorative 38 55 cal lever action Alberta Diamond Jubilee comes with presentation case

K… Remington Sportsman 58 Semi Auto 12 gauge 2 and 3/4 vent rib
L… Connecticut Valley arms Blazer 50 cal black powder with Weaver K4 scope
M… J Stevens Arms Marksman 22 calibre break open Stock cracked butt plate broken
N… J Stevens Arms favourite 32 long falling block model 1915 bolt in stock
O… Remington model 12a pump-action 22 calibre buttstock broken
P… Marlin Firearms bolt action tube magazine 22 calibre  model 81
Q… Savage Model 4C bolt action 2 clips 22 calibre with peep sights
R… Navy arms black powder 12 gauge cap and ball double barrel

S… Sharp's reproduction made in Italy calibre 45 70 single shot falling block peep sights with insert to shoot 22 calibre ammo  NO MAKER STAMPED ON GUN… THIS IS ON THE LEATHER CHEEK REST…  THE LEGENDARY SHILOH SHARPS RIFLE COMPANY, BIG TIMBER, MONTANA 

T… Zulu trade gun hammer and trigger in working order no firing pin

U… T Linscott 12 gauge break open exposed hammers Damascus double Barrel stock cracked

 V… J Manton and Company 12 gauge exposed hammers double barrel break open Damascus barrels stock cracked

 W… Geo. Sheppard  12 gauge exposed hammers double Damascus Barrel break open stock cracked

X… J.P. Clabrough & Bros.  12 gauge exposed hammers double Damascus barrel break open

Y…  SKS Chinese 7.62 x 39 with bayonet

Z…  Leige Arms Company 12 gauge bolt action stock cracked single shot bolt in stock

AA… G.R. ENFIELD 1917 Sht LE III*  303 CALIBER bolt action clip sporterized

BB… Winchester 1905 self loader 35 calibre Buckhorn sights forestock cracked

CC… Connecticut Valley arms Hawken 50 calibre cap and ball

DD… J Stevens Marksman 22 long rifle single shot hinge break

EE… J. Stevens favourite 32 Caliber single shot falling Block stock painted black

FF… Savage Model 340 series e 222 Remington 3-9 by 32 Banner Bushnell scope bolt action clip 

GG… Remington model 700 bolt action internal clip 22-250 Bushnell 3-9 scope stock has various Nicks and marks

HH… Savage model 110 bolt action clip 30 06 Bushnell Banner scope stock in Nice condition

II… Gevarm  22 long rifle semi-automatic clip made in France

JJ… custom built Mauser action 45 70 glass beaded stainless Barrel with muzzle brake AETEC variable scope 2-10  bolt action internal clip

KK… Lakefield Mossberg 12 gauge 30 inch full choke 2 and 3/4 and 3 inch shells pump-action

LL… MANNLICHER SCHONAUER M72 bolt action internal clip set trigger 30  06 full Woodstock Bushnell Elite 3200 scope 4 to 9 

MM… Parker Hill Safari calibre 243 bolt action clip scope rings

NN… Squires Birmingham model 20p semi automatic clip 22 long rifle only imported by Ruko of Canada

OO… Winchester model 94 lever action 30-30 stock has gouges

PP… Savage super Sporter 250-3000 Savage bolt action clip comes with Weaver  K4 scope

QQ… Hawken 50 calibre black powder cap and ball

RR… Remington Magnum Wingmaster Model 870 pump 12 gauge Magnum for 3 in shells

SS… James B Warrilow  shotgun double barrel 12 gauge Damascus barrels transitional from exposed hammers to internal hammers.  forestock cracked and broken

TT… Knight 50 calibre black powder with Bausch & Lomb Balfour scope

UU… Savage Model 111 calibre 7 mm Remington Magnum bolt action clip Bushnell scope synthetic stock

V V…  Remington Model 7400 semi-auto clip 30 06 scope rail small chip in stock

WW… Cooey model 75 bolt action single shot 22 short long and long rifle made in Canada by Winchester

XX… Cil model 950 bolt action internal clip 30 06 Buckhorn sights Monte Carlo stock

YY… Cooey model 75 bolt action single shot 22 calibre front sight welded on

ZZ…Cil model 621 pump-action 12-gauge 3-inch chamber

aaa… Gevarm semi automatic 22 calibre long rifle two clips

bbb… Stevens model 325 a bolt action clip 30 30 calibre

ccc… Cooey mohawk bolt-action single-shot 22 calibre backsight braised

ddd… o f Mossberg model 395 k bolt action clip 12-gauge 2 and 3/4 and 3 in

eee… Mauser model 98 bolt action internal clip unsure of Calibre possibly 8mm mauser. Nazi proof marks

fff… Cooey model 84 single shot break open 12 gauge full choke

ggg… Winchester model 37a single shot break open 20 gauge 2 and 3/4 and 3 in full choke

hhh… shotgun made in Brazil 410 gauge 3 in break open single shot has been painted black

iii… J Manton and Company 12 gauge side by side shotgun exposed hammers break open Damascus barrels

jjj… FOR PARTS ONLY Winchester Model 1400 pump-action 12 gauge 2 and 3/4 full choke

kkk… New England firearms company Handi rifle sb2 girl shot stainless steel comes with two interchangeable barrels 30 30 and 20 gauge Ducks Unlimited

lll… Winchester Model 190 semi automatic 2 magazine 22 short, long or long rifle

mmm… Ross rifle company Canada M – 10 bolt action straight pull internal clip 303 calibre civilian model

nnn… Remington Model 812 break open 410 guage 3 in full choke single shot

ooo… Cooey Model 64 semi-auto clip 22 calibre long rifle manufactured by Winchester

ppp… Remington Model 580 bolt-action single-shot 22 short long or long rifle Bushnell 3-7 scope

qqq… Cooey model 75 bolt action 22 calibre single shot

rrr… Remington Magnum Wingmaster Model 870 pump-action 12 gauge Magnum for 3 in shells

sss… Savage Arms Model 99c lever action clip 308 Winchester BSA scope

ttt… Cooey model 75 bolt-action single-shot 22 calibre no trigger guard

uuu… Cooey Model 64 B semi-auto clip 22 cal long rifle with Weaver scope

vvv… Lakefield Mark 1 bolt action clip 22 cal long rifle

www… Ranger 12 gauge single shot break open stock cracked chip out of fore stock break open lever doesn't position properly

xxx… Winchester Model 250 lever action tube magazine 22 short long or long rifle

yyy… unknown shotgun 12 gauge Belgian proof marks double barrel small chip in fore stock

zzz… Parker Brothers break open 12 gauge shotgun stock cracked and taped but plate broken and repaired

a1… Savage Arms 22 short long and long rifle pump-action clip start cracked Bolton stock peep sight takedown model Barrel Rusty

a2… Hembrug 1915 military rifle bolt action internal clip full wood unknown caliber


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